How do I Sign-In to my Stealth Email Account?

To login to your Stealth Email account you must have your username and password provided to you when you purchased your account. Your username will be your full email address (i.e.: Your username will always be all lower-case, and your password will always be case-sensitive.

Once you fill in the login form with your proper username and password just click the 'Sign In' button to view your Stealth Email account. If you wish to login via SSL (secure login) click the 'Secure Login' link in the login box.

I forgot my Stealth Email password!

If you forget your password please contact our support team at our 24/7 helpdesk so we can reset your password for you. Click here to contact our support desk.

How much storage space do I get with my Stealth Email account?

You can store up to 25 MB worth of emails at any given time.

What Spytech computer monitoring software is Stealth Email compatible with?

Stealth Email works with SpyAgent, SpyAnywhere, Realtime-Spy, and NetVizor. Stealth Email can also be set to work with just about any other software (including other monitoring programs, email clients, etc.)

Can I use Stealth Email with Outlook, Eudora, and other email clients?

Absolutely, you will be provided full setup instructions on how to use your Stealth Email account with standard email clients.

If you have a question that is still unanswered, please contact us.

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