It makes remote monitoring EASY

You will never have to worry about missing reports, or misconfiguring our monitoring software to deliver logs to your email address. We give you the setup information that will always work.

It works with all ISP's

Your ISP will not interfere with your stealth email account - it will always work, no matter what internet connection is used. This is great for users using restrictive ISP's like AOL, MSN, and many others.

It is untraceable.

By using our stealth email service you will never have to worry about others tracing activity logs back to you.

It is private.

You will not have to worry about others reading your activity reports - only you have access.

It is secure.

Your stealth email service will never be filtered or interrupted by your local Internet Service Provider - and it will leave no tracks with your ISP.

When used with SpyAgent...

Stealth Email guarantees remote activity log delivery to any email you choose - now you can remotely monitor your computer without worrying about properly configuring your email delivery settings - or having the logs intercepted or rejected by your standard ISP email account.

When used with Realtime-Spy...

Send the remotely deployable logging module you create to any computer you want to monitor - from a secure and anonymous stealth email address.

When used with SpyAnywhere...

Have remote the IP address of the computer you want to monitor sent to your stealth email address so you can always have access to your computer from a remote location.

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